Panthers make the playoffs


by Tim Fink, Staff Writer

After months of hard work and long hours the Glen Rock varsity football team made the playoffs as of last week and their first playoff game will be played on Nov. 14 against Lenape Valley in Stanhope, NJ.

Currently the football team is ranked number six in the playoff bracket, whereas Lenape Valley is the third seed.

“Hard work in the offseason got the team to the playoffs. Everyone was dedicated to getting bigger and faster during the summer,” said Captain and starting quarterback Brady Miller. “Also, people stayed focused during the year always coming ready to practice.”

Lenape Valley had made it to the playoffs last year, but their run was cut short in the first round against Waldwick/Midland Park. In order to beat Lenape Valley the team needs to be able to battle through adversity and other obstacles in the way.

“If all the guys out on the field focus on doing their jobs and win the individual battles, then we will win the game,” said William Crispino, special teams coach.  “It’s all about sticking to the game plan and finding ways to make plays.”

Extensive preparation is exemplified in both regular season games and the playoff games. Every week the team works vigorously at practice for three hours, four to five days a week. Every coach and player has their unique pregame ritual that focuses them for what is to come.

“For someone that tends to overthink everything, I just try to calm down and make sure I go over any changes made on plays throughout the week. I also try and have a sense of humor and loosen kids up,” said Jeremy Lipsky, junior.

Regarding the positions of junior offensive and defensive tackle, Crispino feels that he needs to empty his thoughts in order to prevent himself from overthinking circumstances. Crispino watches “a lot of film,” to really get to know the opponent and pick up on advantages the team might have over them.

As for the team itself, the coaches and the players have confidence in themselves and each other. “We need another great game from our linemen Jeremy Lipsky, Chris Amos, Kevin Besser, Matt Lange and Tim Fink,” Miller said. “They have carried us throughout this entire year and have done an excellent job. Look for the line to have a great night on Friday,”

Crispino has faith that all of the players and the coaching staff are “all in” for this game against Lenape Valley.

“We have to take the playoffs one game at a time. Everyone is 0-0 going into week one of the playoffs and what has happened in the past does not matter,” said Miller.

One loss in the playoffs for the team will result in the return of equipment and the end of a prosperous football season.

“The motto all year has been to win the 12th game, but we can’t get to the 12th game without winning the 10th and 11th first,” Crispino said.