Should we add a vegetarian option to lunch menu?

by Mia Ramdayal, Staff Writer

Although some students may enjoy eating juicy hamburgers or the traditional spaghetti and meatballs, others may take comfort in eating a green salad or other plant based foods. Some schools figure that adding a vegetarian option to lunch school lunch menus will “promote healthier food choices.”

According the Vegetarian Resource Group, more and more school districts in New York and California have added this vegetarian option to their current lunch menu.  This option will include various foods that do not contain any meat and instead have foods that have higher sources of antioxidants and body chemical detoxiants.

If this option is said to encourage more healthier lunches, isn’t it something that Glen Rock should consider adding to its lunch menu?

Erica Jones, a sophomore who is starting an animal rights club, has decided that one of her first projects is to survey others to see how many vegetarians our school has.

“Even if there’re not many vegetarians, it’s still a good idea to reduce the amount of meat we eat every day, which would benefit the animals,” Jones said.

The Director of Pomptonian Food Service, which provides runs the high school’s cafeteria service, has considered the idea and has tried to incorporate some options for vegetarians in the lunch menu.

“Every week I try to include one meat-free option as a special, such as having soups like Potato and French Onion, that do not contain any meat,” the Food Director said. He also says that the board has considered this method as adding “vegetarian options.”

Although some people think that adding a vegetarian option is a good idea, others think that adding a permanent vegetarian option to the menu is unnecessary.  A woman who works in the cafeteria believes that a specific vegetarian meal is not needed.

“There are already specials that are introduced every week that don’t have any meat,” she said.