Girls’ soccer team recognizes its seven seniors


Photo Credit: Yeheun Son

The cheerful signs for senior girls soccer players hang on the football field fence.

by Yeheun Son , Advertising Manager


Decorating senior day with cheerful signs, the girls’ soccer team celebrated its seven seniors for their accomplishments.

Coming down to the field with their soccer bags, their shin guards and cleats ready, the seniors looked it was any other game. They were ready to win.

However, when they found their own signs, the girls ran to them.

“It was special because, unlike other years, I and six other teammates were the class being celebrated,” Caroline Taylor, senior, said.

After a thorough warm-up, all the girls came out to the field, and their coach, Tracy Trobiano, started announcing all of the seniors’ names. “Kelsey Bergamini, Ariana Felipe, Caitlin Callahan, Kaitlyn Bernard, Yeheun Son, Caroline Taylor, Ashley Cubby,” she announced.

Parents handed roses to their proud daughters.

“It was a weird feeling knowing that it was kind of a goodbye party, but, at the same time, it was a really nice celebration of what we’ve accomplished in our four years here,” Taylor said.

Another senior, Caitlin Callahan, agreed with her, saying, “It was bittersweet because it was one of our last home games at Glen Rock, but fun because we are getting recognized for all our hard work and dedication throughout the years.”

Then, the first whistle was blown, marking a beginning of the game. The girls’focus changed.

“Once the game started, senior day was forgotten about because Eastern Christian was a strong opponent whom we cannot discount,” Callahan said.

Nevertheless, the girls united, and it brought many great chances. The efforts of the underclassmen helped the team achieve victory.

Taylor said, “The underclassmen were selfless with passes, always working to give us a shot on goal. I couldn’t ask for a better set of teammates.”

Glen Rock beat Eastern Christian 4-0.

“I was really proud of my team,” Taylor said.

Senior day was a success thanks to everyone’s support, including the seniors’ parents, underclassmen, and coach Tracy. “I think we would all like to thank Coach Tracy and our parents for putting the day together and our teammates for supporting us all throughout,” Callahan said.

The last girls’ soccer home game will take place at the lower soccer field this Friday, Oct 24, at 4 p.m.