Girls’ varsity soccer team ends regular season undefeated


Photo Credit: Julia Kelly

The GRHS Girls Varsity Soccer Team getting together before games for dinner helps the team stay close. The girls dress-up according to different themes for each dinner. Picture above are outfits inspired by: The Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, M&Ms, and Miranda (a YouTube celebrity).

by Julia Rooney, Staff Writer

The girls’ varsity soccer team finished the regular season undefeated, with nine wins and one tie. Their first and only loss was against Ridgewood in the county tournament.

The team comprises a close-knit group of girls. On the field, one can feel the chemistry between them, apparent from the way they play as a unit. Not only do they remain great teammates, but also great friends.

Clearly, they have a good system going on the field, because they ended the regular season undefeated with their record as 9-0-1.

“We don’t communicate that well, but somehow we score goals, so it works out,” said Jaclyn Mills, sophomore.

Perhaps some of that success should be attributed to their willingness to shoot early and often.

Sophomore Anne Nebbia said, “We’re good at scoring quickly. Right of the bat, we like to take shots.”

We’re always there for each other.

— Jaclyn Mills, sophomore

Younger athletes play on the team this year, when compared with the roster from the 2013 season. With only six seniors, underclassmen make up the majority. Nebbia played for JV last year, but she plays for the varsity team this year. She really enjoys being on the varsity team.

“Being on the varsity team this year, I definitely feel a lot closer to everyone,” Nebbia said.

Being a tight group may be what makes them successful on the field.

“We’re always there for each other,” said Mills, “even during games, we’re always helping each other out.”

The team had been undefeated up until Oct. 12. After a tough game against Ridgewood, the girls lost 1-0.

“It was a tough game but we definitely played our hearts out,” said Olivia Traphagen, a freshman.

The girls’ varsity soccer team plays Monday against Garfield High School.