New iPhone hits it big

by Githmie Goonatilleke , Staff Writer

With the release of the new iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iOS 8 update, students are ready to bring their own devices to class.

Many students thought of the iPhone 6 as a good addition, but the iPhone 6 Plus exceeded the desired phone size.

“The plus is definitely way too big; I don’t think anyone besides people who can’t see small screens would use it but the 6 has some great new features,” said Rachel Sasson, freshman.

“It’s a good phone but it’s big, it’s really big. It’s kind of too big,” Olivia Traphagen (18′) said.

“I think it’s too big. It’s really big,” said Josh Murray, referring to the iPhone 6 Plus.

Although Sasson didn’t like the iPhone 6 Plus, she did, however, like the new iOS 8 update. The freshman said, “I really like the iOS 8 because the texting learns what you type and you can automatically write that. Also, iOS 8 is pretty cool because it’s a lot faster and Siri is much better. It understands your voice better, too.”