Expectations set as homecoming dance nears


Photo Credit: Lauren Hanfield

With Homecoming 2013 clearly in mind, efforts have been made to clarify the expectations for the 2014 dance.

by Lauren Hanfield, Staff Writer

The formerly disputed rules for the 2014 Homecoming Dance in October have now been set.

The student council and staff has established new regulations to outline changes made due to the events of the homecoming dance last year.

Along with clarifications to the drug/alcohol policy and student behavior guidelines, the student council has also officially decided on a semi-formal style of dress, classified under the dance’s name of ‘Suncoming.’

Despite these changes, the administration says that the dance will retain its popularity from past years.

“The spirit of the dance is great,” said Principal John Arlotta in support of the dance’s continuity.

The student council and their committee leaders, Principal John Arlotta and Vice Principal Steve Purciello, conversed over formality and rule changes. These include the transformation of the former school dance permission slip into a contract stating guidelines such as the dress code, acceptable behavior, and the rules on drugs and alcohol. This was done to clearly inform the students as to what is not tolerable and what is tolerable in this school-sponsored activity.

Anyone who violates these regulations will immediately be met by administrators.

“We don’t want to see what happened last year,” said Steve Purciello, vice principal, referencing the alleged breach of the drug and alcohol policy by a few students during the 2013 dance. “We just want to know that the students have a good time.”

In the past, the dance has been considered successful as a great way for Glen Rock High School to raise money. However, in order to keep our tradition, students must obey the new contract.

“Honestly, if we are not successful, we won’t have dances for a while,” Principal Arlotta said.

Mr. Lyon, the co-adviser of the Homecoming committee, emphasized that even though the dance has changed, it will still be a great night for students.

Part of the dance’s appeal this year is the new set-up, a surprise in breaking with previous years’ arrangement. Different areas of the cafeteria will be divided into sections; the courtyard will also be open during the hours of the dance.

Teachers will remain as dance chaperones, while parents will run a coat check.

“I think the homecoming dance is a great way for us to show our school spirit,” Lyon said. “It’s a tradition that I believe is an important part of students’ high school experiences.”

Lyon said that even though he was not present at last year’s homecoming dance, he said that changes need to be enacted and believes they have been.

“Particularly, with last year, I believe that there was a small minority that acted up, but also a small minority can influence change,” Lyon said.

Addressing student concerns about the newly structured dance, Lyon said that the students will be able to enjoy themselves in the semi-formal setting.

“I certainly believe that the semi-formal way can be a very popular way to go,” he told The Glen Echo.

The ‘Suncoming’ homecoming dance will be held on October 25, 2014.  Tickets are $20 and will be sold until October 22, 2014.

Buy your tickets to Suncoming during lunch. You must have a completed and signed contract before purchasing your ticket. Contracts are available in the senior hallway on the student council bulletin board. The last day to buy tickets is Tuesday.

— Official High School Announcement