A rising star introduced

Jake Miller at 21-years of age.

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Jake Miller at 21-years of age.

by Nicola Fornino, Staff Writer

Talented, rap artist, singer, songwriter, musician. . . This sounds like the beginning of a very successful career for Jake Miller.

At 21 years of age, Miller is a rising star. Although some people may judge rap music as not having any meaning, Miller enjoys making music that has a moral behind the fast-paced lyrics.

Jake Miller’s career began by posting his very own homemade music videos from his home in Weston, Florida, leading to his fantastic musical journey.

In Jake Miller’s song I’m Alright, from his debut album “Spotlight EP” (2012), he writes: ‘I got life, I got love, I got faith and that’s enough, We feel sorrow, We feel pain, But there’s sunshine after rain, So I’m alright (You’ll be fine, Take it one day at a time).’ For Miller, these lines demonstrate a life lesson to be grateful and, when life gets hard, take it one day at a time, because it will get better.

Jake Miller is a role model to many, inspiring millions of fans through his songs. One of his fans actually got lyrics from his song I’m Alright tattooed on her arm, truly expressing how inspiring his lyrics can be.

Jake’s first single, A Million Lives (released in 2013), captures the lyrics: ‘I’ve met a million people, Been a million places, Shook a million hands, Seen a million faces. . . No I haven’t made a million, But I’ve touched a million lives’. This song portrays Miller’s own inspiration to write music and perform, knowing that he inspires many. From a deeper perspective, this song, could also portray how just knowing that he changes a lot of people’s lives is enough of a drive to keep accomplishing more in his music career. Throughout the entire song, Jake refers to actual events that have shown influences of his music on people that he has encountered so far.

Many people that go to Jake Miller’s performances think that he’s a great performer. The reason that they say this is that he sounds amazing, but, along with this is the incredible amount of effort in his performances.

With deep meaning, Jake sings these words in his song, Like Me: ‘I hope that you can look in the mirror everyday, And say to yourself, There’s no one like you.’ The purpose behind this catchy song is very clear. His message is to be yourself no matter what don’t let others change you, and don’t try to be someone that you’re not. Jake is creatively saying that it is important to be unique and special.

As a musical artist he was influenced by songwriter John Mayer and rapper Macklemore. Miller’s first gig was performing as the opening act for rapper Snoop Dogg in 2011. This first appearance lead Jake to more opportunities that just keep expanding. He won many awards while he was just beginning his career. Later in 2011, Jake Miller performed in the annual Y-100 Jingle Ball show.