Students rock out at Rock House


Photo Credit: Ariana Felipe

Members of Bad Susan performing (Dan McAuley, left and Marino Aldaz, right).

by Zach McCollum, Staff Writer

Glen Rock students performed music at Rock House’s youth night on Sept. 19 in order to raise money for Glen Rock Education Foundation.

The event took place at the Elk’s Lodge in Ridgewood and was the second annual performance. An adult night followed the next day. Rock House had long been anticipated, and more and more bands began to sign-on as they started to hear about the upcoming event.

“My friend Zach’s mom helped to organize it, and so they both informed me of it on separate occasions,” said Bad Susan saxophonist/rapper Sam Halpert Rodis (’15). A week prior to Rock House, students began to hear about the event and became enthralled with excitement.

“(Rock House) happened last year, and when I heard it was going to happen again, I got really excited,” Adam Donatuccio, the junior class president, said, “and I was there to see Devon Goods and Tommy Garret!”

Speaking of the bands, they include: Tame the Beast, The Other Guys, B3tter than Scratch and Sniff, Tommy Garret and the Goons, Devon Goods, and Bad Susan. Each band played for around 20 minutes and performed roughly 3-5 songs. The bands had to go through an application process to sign up for the event and hand in their profanity-free lyrics, whether they were originals or covers.

“Selecting the youth bands was a little tougher than the adult bands,” said event organizer Mona Milbrodt. “That process ended up being mostly word-of-mouth.”

The organizers of Rock House were Mona Milbrodt and Karen McCollum. They raised money for the Glen Rock Education Foundation, while ensuring that the bands had a seamless performance.

There was also personnel for sound: STATIC of Waldwick School of Rock. “There is no way we could have pulled this off without STATIC,” said Milbrodt. “He was beyond anything I could have hoped for.”

“Though it was not my kind of music, the bands were musically above average for average high school bands,” Milbrodt added.

The GREF raised approximately $600 that evening.