From Rags to Presidential Riches: The Adam Donatuccio Success Story


Photo Credit: Maddy Doubet

Winning the student class election for the Class of 2016, newly instated Class President Adam Donatuccio already has a lot on his plate.

by Maddy Doubet, Staff Writer

For the past two years, the name of the former 2016 class president came to mind whenever anyone mentioned the position to this year’s junior class. But with last year’s election, there is a new name in town.

Adam Donatuccio, the new 2016 class president, was a dark horse in the election for 2014-15 student council. Donatuccio, a junior at Glen Rock High School, had very little experience with student council and had to take on a lot of responsibilities.

“I prepared myself over the summer,” said Donatuccio.  “I got to see a lot of new places, like the office.”

Adam’s fellow peers on the student council will be Kieran Rooney (Vice President), Kaitlin Stansel (Treasurer), Julia Gaffey (Recording Secretary), and Juliana Roddy (Corresponding Secretary).

Stansel said, “I think he’s putting in a lot of effort and I think, yes, he will be [effective].”

As for the president himself, he is very excited for this new school year and the chance to prove himself as an asset to the student council.

“I’m very excited for this year… on a scale of 1-10 I’m ranging between a nine and a ten.” Donatuccio said. One of Donatuccio’s longtime friends and motivator, Zach McCollum, is especially optimistic about Donatuccio’s presidential term. McCollum (’16) considers himself to be very influential towards Donatuccio’s decision to enter in the election.

“I am optimistic about Adam because, even though it might seem like he was taking it as a joke, I think he’ll be great… I am also very excited to see how he will help out the events centered around music, like Glenstock,” said McCollum, a musician.

Donatuccio plans to use this time that he has president to try to help out as much as possible and wants to especially focus on fundraisers and events. Kieran Rooney, Vice President, thinks Donatuccio will be “one hundred percent” effective.