Class of 2014 Award Ceremony


by Matt Zakowski, Staff Writer

The Annual Senior Awards Assembly was held last week at Glen Rock High School. Lasting from 9-11 AM, a wide variety of awards and scholarships were given to the graduating senior class who carried out legacies that are to remember. Also, as the assembly was wrapping up, a hand full of awards were given to the current juniors who will be seniors in a few days.

The assembly began with the pledge recited the Student Council President Karl Weiskopf. After, the Class of 2014, president Alex Dragona gave a speech about his time spent with his fellow classmates.

Then, Principal Mr. Arlotta introduced the people chosen to hand out the awards, and got the assembly officially began.

“The awards assembly was a fun time for all students that attended. Even if they did not win a n award, it was nice for them to see other people win awards,” junior Andrew Grochan who attended the assembly said. “It was exciting and nice to see that senior class be thanked for their accomplishments before they graduate.”

The Glen Rock High School Class of 2014 award winners are:

  • Emily Brennan (American History)
  • Isabella Liberti (Art)
  • Courtney Schmitt (Biology)
  • Matthew Cosgriff (Business Education)
  • Evan Brooke (Calculus)
  • Kevin Mao (Chemistry)
  • Olivia Ryan (Choral Music)
  • Sophie Maliniak (Digital Art & Design)
  • Karl Weiskopf (English)
  • Lara Jones (Environmental Science)
  • Jared Zahn (Finance/Investment)
  • Molly Cunningham (Health)
  • John Piermatteo (Instrumental Music)
  • Kelly Streaser (Journalism)
  • Gabrielle Ranieri (Latin)
  • Emily Paddon (Literature)
  • Christian Vila (Mathematics)
  • Peter Schertz (Music)
  • Christian Vila (Physical Education)
  • Christian Vila (Physics)
  • Melissa Rosen (Psychology)
  • Melissa Rosen (Science)
  • Daniel Fleiss (Social Studies)
  • Karl Weiskopf (Spanish)
  • Alexander Cheung (Theatre)
  • Erica Melz (Principal’s Award)
  • Courtney Schmitt (Principal’s Award)
  • Kelly Streaser (Principal’s Award)

The surprise was revealed and the class of 2014 Valedictorian was announced as Kelly Streaser. The Salutatorian from this year’s senior class is Jasmine Pak.

Towards the conclusion, next year’s seniors were awarded some scholarships and honors.

“I was surprised, I did not think I would win an award since I am a junior. Well, at first I was also like ‘really?’ Once I realized I had really won an award, I was very happy,” Peiser said reflecting on his award.

Andrew Peiser won the University of Pennsylvania Book Award for his outstanding work in English.

“Overall, I think the awards assembly was pretty good. It’s a nice time to celebrate with the people you go to school with because it has every category. It has athletics, it has art, science, etc. It has a little of everything,” Peiser said. “Where as something like the pep rally, it really only focuses on athletics, and at the play its all about the theatre department. It’s a nice time, very bonus. I’d do it again.”