It’s almost summertime


by Caroline Moscatello, Staff Writer

This week is filled with stress and studying for finals, but what happens when final exams are over?

“It’s time to put away the book, and take out the sun screen, it’s summertime,” said Lee Maitner (‘15).

The students and teachers at Glen Rock High School all have different plans for the upcoming summer. Some are “beachgoes,” while others enjoy the hiking scene.

Kate Kelly (‘15) is going on vacation with her family to Utah for a week and a half.

“We’re going on a bunch of hikes and enjoying nature,” she said.

Kate is also going to the beach with her friends so she’s enjoying nature and hitting up the jersey shore.

“I’m planning on traveling to the Dominican Republic this summer,” Spanish teacher, Mrs. Guevarez said. “I will be tanning, swimming, and getting a nice tan.

She grew up there and enjoys visiting her brother each year.

Lee Maitner will be spending her summer for a month in Brick , New Jersey, a small community on the Jersey shore.

“Each year my family rents out a house for a month and we bring down all our family and friends to visit” she said.

Kelsey Bergamini (’15) is spending her summer a little differently than the others. She is going to a camp called International Sports Training camp for 3 weeks.

“I’m so excited to be back to camp, it’s my favorite place to go and it’s my home away from home,” she said.

Kelsey will also be playing soccer for the upcoming lady Panthers season everyday when she gets home from camp.

“I will have a bunch of practices during the week and when I don’t have an organized practice, I will probably be playing pick up games with some of my teammates.”

“Summer is great season to relax with friends and family and I can’t wait for school to let out so summer can begin,” Lee Maitner said.