United Nations Takes on GR


by Andrew Nappi, Staff Writer


Members of the Asian and Spanish clubs directed the event, selling food and ornaments that reflected their culture.

One of the event’s most popular activities was the Spanish dancing held in the All-purpose room.  “A lot of kids were having fun dancing,” said sophomore Julian Bennett. “The instructor was very good and she let us have fun. I really enjoyed dancing with my fellow class mates. I would suggest to anyone to just do it.”

Additionally, the video game table remained populated with many students. Students paid a small toll of 50 cents to play one round of Super Smash Bros, a popular video game in the early 2000s, which also functioned as the theme for the sophomore class’s homecoming hallway. Dance Dance Revolution, commonly referred to as “DDR” also made its appearance at the festal celebration.

“GameCube, as well as Super Smash Brothers is made by Nintendo which came from Japan,” said Ryan Byrne, member of the Asian club and head of the video game table. “Besides food, this is one of the bigger money makes for the Asian club.”

I look forward to the multi-cultural festival every year

— Matt Zakowski ('15)

While exploring the festival many contented students enjoyed delectable Hi-Chews, a popular Japanese candy which is comparable to a Starburst. The chewy delicacy sold out before that day ended and brought the club a hefty profit.  Along with Hi-Chew, other foods and drinks of Spanish and Asian descent were sold.

“I look forward to the multi-cultural festival every year,” said Junior Matt Zakowski. “Since it is the same week as Junior Prom, it will make this school week  really enjoyable for me and my fellow junior class mates.”