Physics field trip shines despite rain


by Tori Rusko, Staff Writer

On Thursday May 22nd 2014, Glen Rock High School Physics students were in for a wild ride… or two. The Physics students went to Six Flags, leaving at 7:50am the students were packed in three coach busses. All the students were anticipating this trip for a month or so.

However, when they found out the weather might interfere with their trip they were worried. The weather had forecasted some showers throughout the day. Obviously, the weather would determine how many rides the students went on.

Still hopeful, the students arrived at Great Adventure around 9:30am with no rain so far. When the students walked into the park they discovered that only three rides were open because of the anticipated rain. The students then realized that the lines for the ride would be super long.

“The rain kind of ruined the whole experience,” said Juliana Brancato. “We spent six hours there and I only went on two rides.”

The trip to Great Adventure was not what the students were expecting. Interestingly enough, the year before all the physics students had a similar experience. That day had some rain as well. However, the students last year got to Six Flags only to find out the park was already closed due to the weather. So, the students headed back to Glen Rock High School.

Meghan Murray from this year’s class had a much different experience than the others. “Demi (Mara) and I got to cut the lines because of Demi’s injury. But, most of the people were complaining about the rain and didn’t get to go on a lot of rides because of the two hour lines,” said Meghan.

Ms. Resnick, one of the physics teachers said, “Yes, it was unfortunate that rides started to open up as we were leaving but everyone seemed to be having a good time anyway…”

Ms. Resnick has two students from Steven’s Institute of Technology that come in to help teach her classes new things. Their names are Jen and Munish and they were invited to go on the trip to Six Flags.

“Even Jen and Munish, who didn’t go on many rides at all, were having fun and were appreciative that they got to go with us,” Ms. Resnick said.

The trip may not have been what was expected but students made the most of it anyway. It is a wonder now if 2015’s physics classes will battle with the weather like the two previous years.