Friendly’s Reivew


Photo Credit: Dan Frissora

The fare at Friendly’s is very comforting.

by Dan Frissora, Food Critic

When you go to Friendly’s, there is a lot that you can expect; such as service that is welcoming, pleasant, approachable and, overall – friendly.

The great service, along with the countless foods and desserts, this all makes for a very enjoyable experience.

Located on Godwin Street, Midland Park, Friendly’s has a wide selection of meals, desserts, and more.

Many students from Glen Rock High School have had enjoyable experiences at Friendly’s, not only with the meals and desserts, but with the waiters as well.

“To many people, Friendly’s is that celebration after you score the goal or hit the home run. Or, for many runners, Friendly’s is a celebratory restaurant after winning a race, or running a season best,” says track star, Ryan Vandervalk (’15).

“Friendly’s gets the job done. It’s no five star restaurant, but if you’re looking for a family friendly eatery with the convince of an ice cream parlor built right in, then this is your place,” says TJ Begg (’15). “10/10, would recommend,” continued Begg.

As for sophomore Kieran Rooney, “Cheeseburger sliders, and dippin’ chicken too,” are some of his favorite foods to order from Friendly’s.

“I usually just build my own sundae. I love having the freedom to choose my own combination of flavors and toppings. It’s like Subway, but with ice cream,” said Nick Kaukonen (’16)

Besides great food, Friendly’s also has good service. The waiters and waitresses are very friendly, hence the name.

In asking around, many Friendly-goers raved about a waiter named Mitch.

“Mitch was an absolute saint. He was the best waiter I have ever had…” said Brendan Geen (’15).

“Mitch (is like) a brother to me,” said Jeremy Packer (’15).

“Mitch is (one of) the most polite men I have ever met,” said John Rechichi (’15).

“I didn’t know Mitch, but does anybody really know anybody? I know as much about Mitch as I do my own grandpappi. So I guess you could say he was like a grandfather to me,” noted junior David Panger.

Not only are they friendly, but according to David, they treat you like family.

Friendly’s Rating: 3.5 stars.