Trackside Deli Review


Photo Credit: Dan Frissora

Located in the center of town, Trackside Deli is still competitive despite other major sandwich shops nearby.

by Dan Frissora, Food Critic

Trackside Deli is a sandwich shop in the downtown area of Glen Rock. As its name explains, the deli is located right next to the train tracks on Main Street. Trackside definitely has some competition with Gianella’s and Subway both within spitting distance, but it definitely deserves a try.

Trackside is known for its delicious sandwiches. They have many types of combinations, including both hot and cold sandwiches.

“I got a chicken parmesan sandwich. It was very good, especially for the inexpensive cost of it,” Khalil Williams (’15) said, commenting on his order at Trackside Deli.

“I got a chicken, cheese, and gravy sandwich. You don’t see a lot of places around here, other than maybe Johnny and Hanges, that still sport gravy on their sandwiches. It was a nice surprise, definitely brightened up my day,” said Parker Chan, a man well known for his great taste in restaurants.

“I think my favorite item on the menu is the roast beef Panini. It’s very well put together, and makes for a great lunch,” Brendan Geen (’15) told the Glen Echo.

Perhaps what distinguishes Trackside Deli from other delis is their exquisite breakfast menu that many places don’t have. They have everything from bacon, egg and cheese on a roll, to hash browns with different meats — and the Egg Philly Hero, a perennial favorite.

Yet Trackside has other items on the menu, too.

“I don’t know where to begin… they still have some excellent soups, cookies that make for a nice treat, candy, and a large variety of drinks.  It’s really a great place to go,” said Kieran Rooney, a sophomore at Glen Rock High School.

Trackside Deli makes a strong case as to why you should try it out.