Coca-Cola is Un-American?

Coca-Cola is Un-American?

by Florencia Llosas, Staff Writer

During the Super Bowl, many got together to watch one of the most famous Football games of the year. But others just like to sit with family and friends to watch the new commercials! Companies know that their new advertisements are being watched by millions, and not only in America, but also in other countries, like Mexico, and they are also aware of what a huge impact they have on the people watching it.

The controversy of this year’s Super Bowl, was the new Coca- Cola commercial which it can be seen here. The main problem faced by the multinational company was the many complains that came up after the advertisement was first aired the Sunday of the big game. In it, “America the Beautiful” was sung in many languages, other than English. Twitter, Facebook and many other social networks blew up with people’s opinions on it, many were not happy.

“I thought the commercial was decent, didn’t look much into it, and then on Tumblr I discovered that many were actually upset by the background song being sung in something other than English…” Said Ben McCulloch a student of the Glen Rock High School.

The companies’ main Facebook page, was filled with complains from angry costumers that thought that Coke was being “Un-American” by letting the famous song be sang in a language other than the national one.

“I read a Tweet that said that Coke was the ‘new official beverage for people jumping the border’ just because at the begging, for literally two seconds, a girl sings in Spanish. I don’t understand what is wrong with this people, and I found it very offensive since I am an Immigrant from a Spanish speaking country” Said a graduate from the GRHS who is now attending college in Manhattan.

While it feels like many people disapprove of the way Coke decided to advertise itself in the Super Bowl, it seems like there is an equal amount of people that actually defend the companies name and approve of the commercial.

“I don’t know how they [The Coca-Cola Company] will respond to all this hate, but they will surely take their time, they are a big multinational company, I bet they will have many meetings and discuss this problem thoughtfully before replying anything to the public about the subject” Said an adult GR resident.