Dragona Looks to End Year on the Right Foot


Photo Credit: Pat Lawless

Alex Dragona, Class President.

by Pat Lawless, Staff Writer

Alex Dragona has now spent three years implementing ideas and planning new events as president of the class of 2014. Dragona talked to The Glen Echo about his role as President in the past three years and what new actions the Student Council Staff has been taking.

“I think it’s gone pretty well so far,” he said. “We beat out the junior class for the homecoming hallway and we also won last year when we were juniors.”

Alex goes in depth about this year’s coming events and what needs to be done to raise money. “Our main focus is raising money for Prom which is being held in Mahwah at the Sheraton.  We have the floor hockey tournament and Cupid’s Café coming up, which are always big fundraisers. Cupid’s Café is an annual fundraiser that we started when we were sophomores. It’s a coffeehouse that comes around Valentine’s Day so a lot of it has to do with the theme of love. There is always a lot of food there, people can perform poetry, sing and go up as many times as they’d like to. We are working on the floor hockey tournament because I and many other kids love floor hockey. We are going to try and make it between winter and spring sports so everyone can participate.”

Alex thinks that being Class President has given him a chance to experience the pros and cons of being in a position of power.

“If being the President has done anything it has open my eyes to when someone is in a position of power there are people that will love what you say and there are people that will hate what you say,” said Dragona.

“In all honesty my council has worked so hard. Susanna Treacy is always taking care of apparel. Mikaela Waller just comes out of nowhere with an amazing idea or solution. Emily Paddon works so hard and truly knows what is best for our class and finally Emily Brennan is the humorous one in the group and works hard as well. I can describe it any other way than a group effort.”

The three time President wants to leave a lasting impact on Glen Rock High School and believes that the senior class can do just that.

“Well, our class is really well rounded,” he told The Glen Echo. “From sports to the theatre program our class is really outstanding. We have kids that will continue to play sports on the college level. We have kids that will continue to pursue the arts. I just want to be remembered as a class that was outstanding and one of the best to come through the halls of Glen Rock High School.”