Shakeshack Shakedown


by Dan Frissora, Food Critic

Recently, Stacks Pancake House on Route 17 in Paramus closed to the public. Stacks was replaced by a new burger joint called Shakeshack and many people have a lot to say about it.

Shakeshack offers a long list of items, ranging from burgers and fries (or onion rings as an alternative to fries), to ice cream shakes and different kinds of solid ice creams. The restaurant recently opened, and many people have already tried it. For those who haven’t, many intend on trying it soon.

“I’m going there for my birthday. It’s on Sunday,” said GRHS sophomore Kieran Rooney, whose birthday was Sunday, January 12th.

As for the food itself, many enjoyed the quality of the food.

“I got a bacon cheese burger, and it was really good,” said junior Jeremy Packer.

“I got the black and white milkshake. It was fantastic!” Khalil Williams told The Glen Echo: World this past week. Others, however, were not impressed with the food.

“Eh, the fries weren’t that great,” commented junior TJ Begg after his visit to Shakeshack during winter break. Begg is a big fan of French fries, so it says a lot that he was not impressed with them.

Besides the food itself, which the majority of customers seem to be satisfied with, there are other complaints that certain customers have.

“Hmm, I should have gotten more fries, and the shakes are a little small for $4.50. I almost felt ripped off,” said Packer.

“I love it, but it’s overpriced and the lines are really long,” said sophomore Ryan Stolz, commenting on his recent experience at Shakeshack.

As for the long lines, perhaps that just says that the business has many satisfied customers, complimenting the quality of the food. The multiple complaints about pricing, however, demonstrate that the restaurant may be a little bit expensive.

As for my own visit, I generally agree with those I asked. I ordered a bacon cheese burger, just as Packer did, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My ice cream was this triple chocolate mix, which was better than some places that only sell ice cream. I too was not exactly pleased with the prices, but that wouldn’t stop me from going back.

Shakeshack also has a water dispenser at the condiments station with many plastic cups. The water dispenser is easily accessible, rather than having to go back on line to request a cup of water.

The rating: 3 stars and 1 thumbs up. (3 stars out of 4, and 1 thumb up out of a possible 2.)