Could Justin Bieber be facing deportation?


Photo Credit: Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department

All smiles, Bieber seems unaware of the repercussions of his actions.

by Jade Quigley, Staff Writer

It’s a new year and Justin Bieber has already started the year off getting into mischief. Bieber has been accused of egging his neighbor’s house after a video was released by his neighbor and shared on

The pop star is seen in the video throwing eggs, screaming at him, and cursing.  Bieber’s neighbor has reported to the news that the egg throwing has left his house with $200,000 in damages.

Unfortunately for Bieber, this prank can be seen as being vandalism, which is considered a felony in the state of California, and he hasn’t offered to pay for the damages. Senior student Courtney Schmitt commented, saying, “I’m tired of celebrity’s acting like they’re above the law and entitled to do whatever/get whatever they want as a result of letting fame go to their head. Justin should have to face the consequences of his actions just as anyone else would.”

Early Wednesday morning, Deputies arrived at Bieber’s door with a warrant allowing deputies to go room by room for evidence, which is how they busted Lil Za, Bieber’s house guest. They found narcotics such as Ecstasy and Xanax near Lil Za’s bed.

If Justin Bieber is accused of the damage and drug paraphernalia, he will be facing jail time. And, ‘belieb’ it or not, the pop star isn’t a U.S. citizen, so it turns out he could be forced back to Canada in the worst-case scenario.

In June of 2013, Bieber told the media that he had no plans to change his citizenship status, but that decision could impact him negatively.   

“Justin Bieber is the epitome of how, in modern society, one can become a billionaire, regardless of being entirely devoid of talent; just because they’re serendipitous enough to have been born insanely attractive,” said Tim Mountain.