Thor: The Dark World


Many people are familiar with Marvel, and if not, with The Avengers as a certain superhero-craze that has been dominating its way through the world recently. Children to full-grown adults are donning Iron Man costumes and Captain America shirts. They talk about future plans to get some “shwarma” and maybe kill some aliens along the way. But of all these superhero crazes, there’s definitely one pair of brothers that has infatuated the world the most.

The tragic story of the two crown princes of Asgard, Thor and Loki.

With the latest instalment of Thor coming out on DVD soon, I felt it was necessary to enlighten our school about these two brothers and their story. Below are brief summaries of the first two movies that helped in the making of Thor: The Dark World.


Thor:  Ever since they were children, both Thor and Loki were brought up to believe that they were the ‘rightful kings of Asgard.’ This belief was instilled by their parents, Odin the Allfather and Frigga, his queen.Thor4

Thor is the good son, while Loki is the ‘mischievous’ one. Loki plays tricks and can use magic to create illusions. Then, when Thor is chosen to be coroneted as the next King, Loki is driven into a deep jealousy that stems from his childhood feeling that he was always the second-best, and never as loved.

This leads to an invasion from the Frost Giants (Giant Ice-throwing creatures from Joudneheim, one of the nine realms) on Thor’s coronation day. Their invasion is stopped quickly by Odin, but it nonetheless angers Thor. This leads him to go to Joudenheim with his friends and Loki in order to find answers.

 In Joudenheim, the Frost Giants’ leader, Laufey tells them, “The House of Odin is full of traitors.” A fight ensues between the Frost Giants and Thor’s band of friends (Lady Sif and the Warriors Three). Odin then comes to stop the fight and take the Asgardians back home.

Thor is stripped of his power and sent to Earth, where he bumps into three humans; Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), an astrophysicist, Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) Jane’s intern, and Dr. Erik Selvig, (Stellan Skarsgård) a scientist who  is helping Jane with her research.

Thor’s hammer lands in New Mexico. Over the course of about three days, Thor and Jane become romantically involved. After a little bit of a crazy experience in Asgard, Lady Sif and The Warriors Three come to Earth to find Thor.

In Asgard, Odin has fallen into the ‘Odinsleep’ as a result of a confrontation between him and Loki. During this confrontation, Loki finds out that he was adopted, and is actually the son of Laufey. Due to Odin’s condition, Loki is now in charge.Thor3

Loki refuses to let Thor come back to
Asgrad, and plots to destroy the Joudenheims. Needless to say, a fight begins in New Mexico after Loki sends The Destroyer to get rid of Thor. But Thor survives and comes back to Asgard. Loki kills a few Frost Giants, including his biological father, and then goes on to destroy Joudenheim, only to be stopped by Thor. Then the two have a brother to brother fight. In the end, Odin wakes up and again saves the two, but Loki falls into space, not to be seen again until the next movie.


Avengers:  This movie consists of Loki taking revenge because he failed to prove his worth to his father. He enlists the Chitauri to try and take over Earth, which causes S.H.I.E.L.D. to come back to action and enlist the Avengers to help save the Earth.

 Thor 2: In Thor: The Dark World, Loki and Thor come back to fight the Dark Elves who are trying to steal the Aether and therefore throw the world into eternal darkness. Loki starts out in prison, which Thor breaks him out of in order to pay the Dark Elves a visit.Thor2

Meanwhile, in Midgard, Jane Foster comes across an abandoned warehouse in which she is transported to the place where the Aether is stored. It seeps into her, and soon Thor comes back to Earth to bring her to Asgard.

While the three of them are in Svartalfheim (the land of the Dark Elves), Loki is stabbed and the Aether is sucked out of Jane and transferred into Malekith (their leader). Then, the Dark Elves attempt to take over the world and invade Earth. After a long fight, Thor and Jane defeat Malekith and Earth is saved.

Allison Keller (10): ” My favorite part was when Thor was trying to fly [the elves’ ship] and Loki was making sarcastic comments and angering him.”Thor1

Kayleigh O’Connell (9): ” It was really good, but character development and the story line was pretty flat.”