A Fresh Look at Senior Year

Freshman, Alyssa Lorenz, shadowed Matt Neumann for a day to see what is feels like to a senior.


by Alyssa Lorenz, Staff Writer

Matt Neumann, senior at Glen Rock High School, struts his stuff in his bright, vibrant, red and neon yellow backpack straight into Syracuse University.

Last month, Matt received word that he had been accepted into the Syracuse University School of Sports Management and plans on becoming an Orangeman (a member of Syracuse University’s sports). So, Matt may intend to just trade-in his neon and red backpack for an energetic orange backpack for school next year.

After shadowing Matt during a school day, The Glen Echo got a glimpse of what it feels like to be a senior, the “top of the food-chain.”  Although being a senior has its benefits, such as use of the senior lounge and leaving for lunch, it also requires a lot of strenuous work.

Matt, a conscientious student, starts the day off with Mr. Feldman in AP Psychology. As a freshman, it was hard for me, The Glen Echo’s eyes in Matt’s life, to follow along in his psychology class. Matt, however, handled it flawlessly.

We then proceeded to English, Documentary Film, and Macroeconomics/Microeconomics. I was flabbergasted; after I was unable to grasp the ideas in psychology, I nevertheless tried to follow along (while having a couple of laughs along the way) throughout the rest of the day.

We then continued on to Matt’s Environmental Science class, and he just so happened to have a lab that day. Although we didn’t perform a “lab,” we completed a study guide together for his upcoming test.

After six tedious periods of work, we finally had a rest, and we went to Subway to get a quick bite to eat. As a senior, that is one of the many privileges that students have.

Also, as seniors, students are allowed to take Media Arts, and Matt just so happened to have Media Arts during eighth period. Media Arts is a class that can be taken seriously but is also a whole lot of fun. It’s a class in which you use Adobe Photoshop to make collages, periodicals, and the holiday slide show.

Finally: ninth period. After a long day of tiresome work, we definitely made it to the end of the day. Of course, ninth period was none other than Math.