by Tori Rusko, Staff Writer

“Prom…?” Already?

Tori Rusko

“I’ve had my [prom] dress since the beginning of the school year,” said junior student Adriana Politis.

The junior class has been talking about prom: a lot. The junior prom is five months away and a lot of girls already have dresses, hair appointments, make-up appointments, and even dates planned out.

The buzz of prom is only getting louder as the date draws closer. Junior prom may be the biggest event for the junior class here at Glen Rock High School.

“I need to start making my appointments so I’m not left without one,” said junior student, Lee Maitner. Students have said prom is the most stressful and busiest event of the year, so perhaps that’s why people are making appointments this far in advance.

Lee Maitner said, “It’s a lot less stressful for guys because they don’t need to get hair and make-up done. All they really have to do is rent a tux.”

A lot of students have been wondering when the prom Facebook group will be made. The group is often made a few months before prom so that students who are attending can post their dress to avoid duplicates. Girls are often in fierce competition to claim a dress before another classmate does. “Someone makes the group and its main goal is so that no one wears the same dress to prom. Trying to avoid a wardrobe malfunction,” said Erica Melz, a student who has been through the prom process.

”The worst thing that could happen is someone has the same dress at prom,” said Juliana Brancato.

The Junior prom will occur on May 30th.