Bogies Hoagies


by Dan Frissora, Food Critic

This past weekend, I made my way over to Bogie’s Hoagies, a deli in Hawthorne.

I got the chicken, bacon, ranch sandwich, and it was delicious. I only got half a sandwich, which is still seven inches long, and it was only $5.

The food itself was top quality, as well. The breaded chicken was very crisp, as was the bacon, and the ranch gave it a little extra flavor. Although this was one of the first times I’ve been to the establishment, many students go to Bogie’s quite often.

For junior student Brendan Geen, the menu choice is easy.  “Definitely the chicken, bacon, ranch. I get it every time,” he said.

“What’s my favorite sandwich? Probably the chicken, bacon, ranch, except I substitute honey mustard in for the ranch, and I add lettuce and tomato,” said Tim Fink, a sophomore student at Glen Rock High School.

“I love their BLT, because the bacon is always the perfect texture. It tastes great with fresh lettuce and tomato, and their bread is godly. I always get extra mayo, too, because I love mayo,” said Timmy Mountain, 11th grade.

“The first sandwich I ever had there was crispy chicken with chipotle sauce. It definitely made me want to go back for more,” said senior student Alex Dreszler.

Even students that haven’t been there know about their great food and are eager to try it for themselves. Among these students is junior Maddie Basirico, who told The Glen Echo, “I’ve heard a lot about it, and I definitely intend to go there sometime soon.”

Besides their famous hoagies, Bogie’s Hoagies also sells breakfast and dinner. Their menu items include egg and cheese sandwiches (with bacon, ham, or sausage) and, for dinner, they have everything from rosemary chicken with roasted potatoes, to ribs, to salmon.

Bogie’s is located on Lafayette Ave, in Hawthorne, New Jersey. I highly recommend it.

The rating: 4 stars.