Teens for Jeans


by Raquel Lesser

Last year, the Interact club, under the leadership of adviser Mrs. Brolsma and student Shari Spaeth, collected 110 pairs of donated jeans. These were gathered for Teens for Jeans, a charity organization that gives jeans to the homeless.  This year, the Glen Rock High School club is aiming even higher.

“I would love to see the school donate 700 pairs of jeans,” Shari said. “There are about 730 kids or so in the school. Every student would have to donate one pair of jeans.”

This is the second year the ‘Teens for Jeans’ fundraiser is occurring at Glen Rock HS.  DoSomething.org is the website run by the founders of Teens for Jeans.

“[The collection] was a success last year, and I hope it be even more successful this year,” Shari told The Glen Echo.

There are 1.5 million teens in the U.S. that are homeless: one in every three. The one item they ask for the most is jeans – a piece of apparel that an average person has at least 2-3 pairs of.

According to Shari Spaeth, boxes will be placed in the Hamilton lobby, the sports lobby, the Auditorium lobby, and the local library.  Donating any type of gently used jeans is acceptable. Anybody can donate jeans, even teachers.

The collected jeans are donated to the Teens for Jeans collection center at Aeropostale and, from there, will go to a homeless center. This year, Interact will start collecting in early December and continue until February 13th.

“I love getting involved and helping others,” said Shari. “All it takes is to donate one pair of jeans to help someone in need.”

12/20/2013: The number of jeans collected last year was corrected to 110 pairs from 300.