In It For The Participation?


by Matt Zakowski, Staff Writer

At Glen Rock High School, many students complain about the lack of sleep due to overwhelming work.  One solution that has been brought up was students that take part in athletics could be excused from gym class.

If students were to be excused from physical education, it would allow for more time to work on school work.  This will allow kids not to have to worry as much about work overload after school. Andrew Grochan, a junior, said “Students should be enabled to take any class rather than gym if they were to be excused.”  This could solve scheduling problems and also allow for time that students are able to take advantage of getting ahead on work.

If a student has a sport after school, and a lot of work, dinner, shower, and then go to sleep, it can cause fatigue.  The next day, the student can be seriously affected and lack the focus needed to get through their day.  Andrew Peiser, a junior at GRHS, responded “But of course!  Instead of stressing about homework, I could focus on extracurricular activities I participate in.” when asked if opting out of gym could relieve time in his schedule.

When a student has a sport after school, like Andrew Nappi a junior who is part of the golf team, “I don’t generally get home until about 7:30.”  Then, after eating and showering “I don’t begin my homework until 8:30.”  When referring back to how long homework usually takes, Andrew Peiser said “3 hours, depending on projects.  Certainly, sometimes I wake up with just three hours of sleep, pound back my coffee and get ready for tests and essays to begin my day.”  With the lack of sleep, and no break in their day to recover, student’s lives can be too compact to take part in this everyday.