Lee Maitner spikes the competition

Despite their loss in States, the girls volleyball team had a successful year.

On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, the Glen Rock High School Girls Volleyball team played in their State Sectional Quarter-final Game against Secaucus. As a junior, Lee Maitner plays as an outside hitter on varsity, and she does so really well.

Tuesday’s game was extremely close game the entire time. Despite the loss, the team performed admirably to the last point.

This game was one of Lee’s more impressive games. She had eight kills and eight digs. “That was big for me because I usually never dig, and when I do, I mess up,” said Maitner.

There was a huge turnout for the fan section, and the crowd was wild. “The fans were huge contributors to our game yesterday because they really pumped us up. At first we were overwhelmed with the crowd, but I’m proud of how everyone kept their composure and played our game,” said Maitner.

GR won the first set (25-18), but they lost the second (27-25) and third set (25-23). “These are the closest increments that you can lose by,” said Lee. This shows how close the game was, and how tough the GR girls fought for this game.

Lee had believed that their unfortunate loss would overshadow the individual efforts of the athletes.

Julian Bennett, a sophomore at Glen Rock High School, attended the game and was thoroughly impressed with every girl’s performance. “The end of the second set was very intense and everyone was in anticipation for who would win,” he said. Having not attended any other games, Julian was not sure what he was to expect. “Lee did really well and had a lot of good spikes,” he said.

Middle School Volleyball coach and teacher of Maitner, Mr. Toncic, said, “I remember when I saw Lee play over the summer last year; I was very impressed that a sophomore (at the time) could play at the level that she was.”