Sibling rivalry: Maddy Doubet’s fall fashion trends

You may or may not be familiar with the latest fashion feature on Elise Doubet. Although she may be fashionable, one may wonder if there is anyone who dresses better than Elise? The answer lives in the same house as her: Maddy Doubet (’16).

Living in the shadow of Elise may be difficult, but Maddy has no problem having her own style while living under the roof of a tyrannical fashionista. Maddy explained her fall staples to us in detail:

Converse Sneakers

Maddy rocks a grey pair that says, “Hey,I’m ready for anything, and I put effort in to how I looked today.” With her Converse sneakers tied nice and snug around her feet, she is ready to take on anything the school day may throw at her. “Comfy and cheap,” Maddy remarked on her sneakers.

Bright Tank Tops

Now bright tank tops may not be the first thing you think of when you think of fall but this girl is seriously ahead of her time. She pairs her bright pink summer tank top with an oatmeal colored sweater allowing you to see a peak of color. This simple concept is sure to spice up any seemingly monotonous fall sweater.

Madeline Lunch Box

This may cause nostalgia for a story you read as a child, and that is just what Maddy aims to do. When asked where she got such a vintage find, she proclaimed, “I bought this for $3 at a yard sale!” You can usually find a Cliff bar tucked in there, just waiting to be eaten during her lunch period. Maddy’s lunch box is to her as Starbucks is to Elise.

Hair down and brushed

Unlike her sister Maddy finds it easier and more time efficient to have her hair down. Maddy always brushes her hair, and that is what gives her dark brown hair such a nice sleek look. On average, she guessed it took 20 strokes till “it’s not knotty.” The effort she puts in for her hair pays off tremendously.

Patched up backpack

Mads is not about brands; she sports a cool vintage backpack. Her old backpack had a gaping hole and, instead of caving and buying a new one, she had her friend Mac Dill patch it up for her. When asked about how she got the idea to revamp her backpack, she said, “It was super ratchet and then Mac Dill fixed it.” This pack is more than fixed, Mads, it’s stylish and sure to complete any outfit.


Maddy Doubet is girl who knows what she wants and definitely knows how to not live in the shadow of her older sister. When asking her friends about Maddy’s style, Lizzie Moore said that she’s “stylish and practical, yet super awesome at the same time!”