No disguising it: Incognito’s in trouble

With alleged abuse claims falling on the Dolphins’ lineman, the truth is slowly finding its way into the open.


Richie Incognito has had some criticism in the past, but none more than the heat he’s getting for an ongoing incident with rookie teammate Jonathan Martin.

Incognito is a ninth year offensive lineman out of Nebraska, and has been put under the microscope by the media for going too  far with rookie hazing, a very common series of pranks played on younger players on a team.

The victim in this case is Jonathan Martin, second year tackle from Stanford, who has been bullied mercilessly since he came to Miami. The 24-year-old has allegedly been forced by Incognito to pay for everything from restaurant to strip club bills.

Incognito also took it a step further when news broke recently about a voicemail that he left Martin over the summer. The voicemail included Incognito calling the biracial Martin “half a n*****” and saying “you’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you.”


Incognito took on twitter to defend himself.

“@ESPN @CBSSports @NBCSports @FOXSports @ProFootballTalk: I want my name CLEARED”
“@ESPN: shame on you for attaching my name to false speculation. I won’t be holding my breathe for an apology”
“@AdamSchefter: Enough is enough If you or any of the agents you sound off for have a problem with me, you know where to find me #BRINGIT”
-     Richie Incognito (@68INCOGNITO)

Even though Incognito has defended himself through social media, he has not yet talked to reporters face to face and has been suspended indefinitely by the Miami Dolphins.

Some people are blaming Richie Incognito 100%, and saying that people cannot behave that way no matter what. Whether the victim is a rookie in the NFL, or any civilian, Incognito shouldn’t have done that.

Another point of view was a more obscure take, and it put the blame on the entire Miami Dolphins organization (as well as Incognito) for not sharing this information. These pundits espouse that it is hard to believe that this has been going on for a long time with the Dolphins coaching staff, general management, and players all completely clueless.

As for the future of Incognito, it does not look bright. The veteran is in a contract year, one which will certainly be his last with the Dolphins franchise. No matter what team (if any) decides to pursue him, they will always have this story in the back of their minds.

Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, needs to make a statement. He needs to make sure the entire league knows that these kinds of acts will not be tolerated and will result in a punishment. The only way to do that is to suspend and/or fine Incognito and thus send a message to the NFL