Guys’ Guide to Fall Style


Photo Credit: Victoria Messikian

Guys it’s time to take your clothes off — and change into this season’s styles and trends.

As the weather changes into the cold temperatures of the fall, many should be questioning what is appropriate to pair together in the morning.

First off, it is November: when getting dressed in the morning the temperature is about 30 degrees outside. So why do guys in school keep deciding on wearing shorts still? When asked what is a Fall fashion “don’t,” John Crawford (’14) said, “Shorts, even if they’re nice… it’s a no.”

When asked about what is appropriate to wear in the fall, Senior, Nile Slater said, “Timbs (Timberland Work Boots), Sperry’s, flannels, snapbacks, socks like Nike midcalves, and colored pants”

Nile’s idea reflects some of the similar opinions of influential men in fashion such as London rapper Tinie Tempah, who won ‘GQ’s Best Dressed Man of 2012’ with an urban, but put-together look including flannels and colored pants.

Senior Anna Lis mentions that she is into the Oxford style, which is a unisex trend.  This style can be seen in our school worn by Mr. McCarten and Ms. Scilio in the form of the suede Cole Haan oxford shoes with the neon yellow on the sole.

In Glen Rock on each game day, the boys’ soccer team dresses up in their button down shirts, ties, bowties, and khaki slacks. This look will simply never go out of style — whether its Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer.

Not saying that wearing a tie to school is the thing to do but simply throwing on a button down shirt and sweater could do the world in Glen Rock, not to mention the fact that many of girls adore when the guys do dress up.Sophomore, Juliana Roddy, says “I love when the boys soccer team dresses up. I prefer seeing them dressed up than seeing them in sweatpants”

A study conducted by Kelton Research in 2011 states that 91% of Americans think that a well-dressed man can make one appear to be more physically attractive than he really is.

When surveyed in Mr. Toncic’s 8th period Journalism Class, 65% of students said that guys should dress-up more than they do, 15% of students said guys should wear sweats and basketball shorts to school, and 20% of students said that the guys in school should do what they want.