Fashion feature, Elise Doubet


Photo Credit: Rachel O'Connor

Armed with her seemingly omnipresent cup of Starbucks, Elise Doubet (’14) is in this week’s fashion spotlight.

Elise Doubet has been wandering the halls of Glen Rock High school since 2010 and is now a senior. Many have not been able to get to know her, though. As her career at GRHS comes to a close, it is time to give this feisty girl the recognition she deserves in the form of a fall must-haves list.

1. A Scarf

“You can’t just have any scarf,” Elise remarked on her collection, “It has to be a pashmina.” Ranging from solid colors to stripes, she rarely leaves the house without a scarf swung around her neck. They are cute and also provide warmth as we get into the colder months.

2. A Vest

Like many Glen Rock High School girls, she must wear a vest. With teachers keeping classrooms at alarmingly low temperatures, it is essential for Elise Doubet to wear her vest. It is rare you will ever see her without it. The vest provides warmth much like the scarf but also allows for her outfit of the day to be seen.

3. A Headband

Who has time to really do their hair in the morning? Not Elise. To be fair most people do not, but that is a separate issue. Armed with a headband and a messy bun (that is chic for the fall season), Elise puts her best sleepy foot forward in the morning.

4. Uggs

Comfy, versatile, they match any scarf or vest. This pair of shoes speaks for itself.

5. A Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

Now this may not be an article of clothing, but it is rarity to catch Elise in the halls without it — especially before third period.