Do students want to nuke?


Photo Credit: Rachel O'Connor

Can students handle the heat?

Many students may have noticed the glaring lack of that nice little invention called the microwave in our school’s cafeteria. Sure, each department has their own microwave, which is off limits to students, but there is no place for anyone but faculty to heat up their food or drinks.

Walking through the halls every morning, countless numbers of people carrying to-go cups can be seen. What is in those to-go cups? My guess would be coffee or tea – the standard beverages to help cure that 8 a.m. sleepiness. But what happens when third period roles around, and you have not quite gotten the chance to finish that delicious coffee? The once-tasty drink has become cold and unappetizing, but there is still that small glimmer of hope that, maybe, if you try one more sip, it will still be hot or at least lukewarm. Disappointment is the only thing found in that dreaded sip and the coldness seeping down your throat is a reminder of that. All that is left is the memory of the hot coffee (or tea, for those of you that have not yet hopped on the coffee train) that you had so enjoyed only fifteen minutes before.

But what can be done about this? Well, for starters, the administration could set up a few communal microwaves for students to use.

Microwaves in school would be supremely helpful in the struggle against cold coffee and tea. It is understandable that getting a microwave for a cafeteria of two hundred is infeasible, however the senior lounge would be a great place to start. If multiple microwaves are too much to ask, at least one for the senior lounge is not so uncalled for. That way, students could cut down on the amount of money they spend on a daily basis for lunch and, instead, heat-up homemade lunches — especially in the winter when hot lunches are greatly desired.

Senior Elise Doubet remarked on the lack of a microwave in the school for student use, stating, “I would save a lot more money if I was able to heat up packed lunches instead of going out every single day to get food.”

There is no reason to question the capabilities of students to use microwaves safely since microwaves are staple appliances in the modern home. If high school really is supposed to prepare you for college, then why not start small with basic appliances like microwaves. Of course, there is the possibility of misuse of the microwave by some students, but it is the students’ responsibility to keep the microwaves in good condition, as they are beneficial to them.

Many other schools have microwaves for students to use, such as Northern Highlands High School. After attending a school debate there, senior Anna Lis commented, “It was heartwarming to see the student body and the microwave coexist with minimal harm, proving them with warm mac and cheese and a warm heart.”

Not only are microwaves useful for saving money and the horrible experience of drinking once-hot beverages, but they are also beneficial for vegetarians.

“I’m a vegetarian and I would love to be able to bring food, like pasta, that I could heat up so I don’t have to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and yogurt every day,” Samantha Moore, a senior, remarked.