Former Newark Mayor Elected Senator


by Julian Bennet, Staff Writer

New Jersey elected its next senator, Cory Booker, on Wednesday, October 16th. According to the New York Times, the democratic Booker won with 54.8 % of the votes. His opponent, the conservative Steve Lonegan received 44.2%.

Cory Booker was raised in nearby Harrington Park by his parents, two of the first black executives of IBM. He attended Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan and was named to the All-USA football team.

This campaign became interesting and somewhat nasty when Lonegan fired shots at Booker for his excessive tweeting and his large amount of followers. At a red carpet event held by Lonegan, he said, “New Jersey needs a leader, not a tweeter.”

Cory Booker’s sexuality is also unknown to the public, and when asked about it Booker said that it should not matter to voters whether he is gay or not. He also has evaded questions about it when asked. Lonegan commented on this by saying it is “strange” that he does not state what his sexuality is.

Glen Rock High School sophomore Jesse Weiss said, “Cory Booker has done a lot to help the city of Newark improve itself in these hard times.”

In addition, Lonegan has attacked Booker for Newark’s crime rates and the recent shootings in the city. In a debate in October the topic of environmental regulations came up over the cleanliness over a river in Newark. Lonegan said, “You may not be able to swim in that river. But it’s probably, I think, because of all the bodies floating around of shooting victims in your city.”

Another Glen Rock High School sophomore, Nick Kaukonen said, “Booker’s experience will strengthen the Senate as a whole.”

Shortly after Cory Booker became Senate-elect in New Jersey, marriage was made legal for people of the same sex in the state of New Jersey after Chris Christie recanted his appeal.

In a time of political turmoil and government inefficiency, there seems to be a positive in New Jersey with one law already being enacted. The gubernatorial election is coming up on November 5th, 2013. Republican Governor Chris Christie is running against Democratic candidate Barbara Buono.

There should be more to come from recent Senator-elect Cory Booker.