Nailing the fall color palette


Photo Credit: Tori Rusko

Looking for a new fall nail-color? Essie is a leading brand with great autumnal appeal.

What colors do you think of when you hear fall? Typically: red, brown, and even orange. Well, the best way to express these colors in the fall time is through nail polish!

Some 2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends include:


Deep Reds:

With deep reds, your nails will look like you dipped your fingers in blood. It’s creepy, but that’s the point for fall. Halloween is in fall, so it fits perfectly for the autumn. Some deep reds I found this fall were:

Poor Lil Rich Girl- Essie

Twin Sweater Set- Essie

Come to Bed Red- Butter London

Saucy Jack- Butter London


Chocolate Brown:

Brown is a very obvious fall color to most of us, although some people might not think it would look good on nails: it does. Brown nails can be great for people with darker skin tones. The brown colors I have are:

Downtown Brown- Essie

Smokin’ Hot- Essie

Wicked- Essie

Fash Pack- Butter London



A very deep, but not bright orange will look really good on everyone this autumn. As the leaves change to orange, so will your nails!

Meet Me at Sunset- Essie

Deep Orange- Alligator Purse

Jaffa- Butter London.


Deep Purples:

Purple is a great color for your nails in the fall because it can be a very dark and subtle color.  Some great deep purple colors I think would be perfect for the fall are:

Bahama Mama- Essie

Sole Mate- Essie

Berry Naughty- Essie

Toff- Butter London


Grey-toned colors:

Grey is also a really great color to wear on your nails this season. It’s very plain but will match almost everything you wear! Some grey colors you should try are:

Cashmere Bathrobe- Essie

Vested Interest- Essie


Holographic Silvers:

Holographic Silvers are really good if you’re looking for something different on your nails. This will add a nice shine and mixture of different colors but is still really simple to wear. My favorite holographic colors are:
For the Twill of It- Essie

Lavender Luster- Maybelline

Winterfrost- Top Shop


Army Green:

There is only one deep green and it’s from Essie. The name is Stylenomics. This color looks great on everyone. It’s super easy to pull off.


During the fall we transition form shorts to pants and bright colors to dark ones. Keeping your hands pretty and current with different colors prove even the littlest things count!