More Walking Ahead


Meeting mixed reviews, season four of The Walking Dead hopes to raise more than just the dead.

Walking Dead Season 4 On October 13th 2013 the Walking Dead season 4 premiered on AMC. It drew a record audience of 16.1 million viewers. Season three ended with Rick bringing citizens from Woodberry to the prison. Between season three and season four, Rick and the prison group grew as a civilization.

Unlike in the past when Rick turned away outsiders, Rick brought in outsiders and allowed them to join his camp.

“People are the best defense against walkers,” he memorably said.

The prison group cleared the field from walkers and turned it into a farm with plants and animals. Citizens of the prison also fortify the walls by adding wood planks to them. Civilians also kill walkers on the walls. The prison formed its own government by creating a council with all of its original members on it.

The episode starts with the audience being introduced to all of the new characters. Glen and some of the others go on a supply run and things take a turn for the worse when one of the new prison members dies. Rick meets a survivor in the woods who wants to join his group. Rick will only let her and her husband join if they answer his three questions. The survivor brings Rick back to meet her husband who turned into a walker.

The survivor seems to be crazy and ends up trying to kill Rick. When she fails, she kills herself by stabbing herself min the stomach because she wants to be with her husband. Rick ends up asking her the three questions anyway, “How many walkers have you killed?” “How many people have you killed?” “Why?”

The episode ends with one of the civilians dying of natural causes and turning into a walker.

Jack Mattsson, a junior at Glen Rock High School, said, “I enjoyed the season four premier. With the ending that the season premier had, it set up for a very exciting season.” However, Jack added, “It was not my favorite season premier though, season one was.”

On the other hand, Patt Dowling, who is also a junior, said, “The season premier was terrible. Since the first season every other season has gotten worse and worse. The show cannot compete with other shows like Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad.”