New teach on the block

For Ms. Fanelli, the Proof is in the geometric plane’s pudding.


Photo Credit: Juliana Roddy

If two trains are traveling to Glen Rock High School and one train is coming from New Orleans and the other from Peru, and the one train is traveling 10 miles per hour slower than the other train but will arrive 3 hours earlier, what is the speed with which you’ll realize that it’s Ms. Fanelli’s Word Problem Wednesday?

“You’ll probably know what room I’m teaching in if you walk down the hallway and hear students yelling numbers in unison,” explained Ms. Fanelli, first year GRHS math teacher.

In Glen Rock High School, the mathematics department has flourished this year with new, young teachers. Ms. Fanelli teaches Algebra II and Geometry. She graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia with a major in mathematics and a second education minor.

Mathematics was an easy choice for Ms. Fanelli to pursue to teach. “I’ve always loved math, and I wanted to teach it so I could share my appreciation for the subject and help my students learn that math does not always have to be scary or intimidating,” said Ms. Fanelli. “I believe everyone can do well with the correct attitude and mindset.”

Ms. Fanelli is a strong believer in class participation and having the students be active members in class discussion. “I like to ask the whole class questions through every step of a problem to make sure we’re all on the same page,” Ms. Fanelli said.

Coming from teaching in a suburban Philadelphia area to Glen Rock High School has had its differences, both good and bad. For starters, Ms. Fanelli became accustomed to teaching on a block schedule and having her students for an hour and a half at a time, which is not how the days at GRHS work.

Ms. Fanelli has also had the opportunity, however, to make fast friends with the faculty here. “The other math teachers have all been so nice and helpful and have made me feel welcome,” she said. “Also, I am close to the other teachers who are new this year, since we bonded over our three-day training this summer.”

Outside of school you may find Ms. Fanelli spending time with her two year old nephew and family, baking, or even coaching the math team. “…[The math team] is a great way to meet more students than just the ones I teach.” Ms. Fanelli said. She was once a member of her former high school’s math team and wanted to encourage students to be a part of academic clubs.

Student Jason Palmeri said, “[She] is very energetic, nice, and funny.”

Ms. Fanelli has left a positive mark on her students, even after being here for only two months.

“[She is] always enthusiastic and a nice addition to the high school,” said Christina Howie, a sophomore in her Algebra II class.