A license to heal

A feature on the school nurse, Ms. Becker.


Photo Credit: Lauren Jones

Here to help, Ms. Becker is an unsung hero of Glen Rock High School.

Opening the door to the nurse’s office, students see band aids, cough drops, and the occasional student napping, but school nurse Susan Becker witnesses and takes care of more than most of the student body credits her for.

Sitting and talking with Ms. Becker has demonstrated how much the whole school needs her everyday. Some of the things an average day of work entails“making sure everyone is completely immunized, be aware of all school laws, we’re educated in drugs and alcohol and suicide prevention, and tons and tons of paperwork.”

Your average person cannot perform a lot of Ms. Becker’s tasks, and it took years of schooling to be certified in school nursing. When asked what she had to go through to become a certified school nurse, she said, “First you need to get your nursing license and then make sure you have a bachelor’s degree and two complete full years of certification. One full year of student teaching and one full year of nurse practical.”

If you ask any nurse why they chose their profession, most would say that it is something they instantly fell in love with when going through nursing school. “I got a job as a nurses aid in the hospital to give me some time to see what I thought I might be interested and I fell in love with it,” Ms. Becker explained

And the question that everyone is wondering: Can the nurse tell when I go in just to take a nap?

“Most of the time kids will be honest because I let them rest,” she said. “I think that if you let them rest for a period they’ll make it through the rest of the day.”