Israel Palestine Conflict Still Not Resolved


by Raquel Lesser, Political Issues Editor

A two state solution is yet to be resolved as the bitter screams of the Israeli’s and Palestinians fight over what is land the size of New Jersey and they have been fighting for this land.  The British gave land to the  Jews after holocaust and split  the land for Palestinians and Israelis. Some Palestinians tried to go to other Muslim countries. The other countries wouldn’t let them in. they both wanted it to be there country (Israel and Palestine) The other countries surrounding Israel attacked. This led to a 6 day war and many other fights.

Humas, a terrorist organization in the Gaza strip constantly bombs Israel in a land called Herot. Israel fights back. They both kill each other people and they haven’t been able to agree on splitting the land.  Recently the Palestinians offered for a negotiation talk with Israel. Israel have also offered negotiations in the past but it never worked out.

“There should be a two state solution.” Reported Rabbi Learner, a Jewish Zionist. “I think the conflict is unfortunate. There exist two peoples arguing over the same land. Peace is impossible until the west Bank Arabs accept reality of the State of Israel and recognize it as a sovereign state.” Rabbi Learner said the west bank Arabs doesn’t accept Israel as a state, but also much of the general public don’t recognize Israel as a state.  He also writes, “On the other side, a problem, but a much lesser one is the west bank settlers who oppose any ceding of land for peace.”

There are a group of Israelis and Palestinians that want peace but there are also groups that don’t. Both sides however have one group that wants a two state solution and one that doesn’t. Some just don’t think it’s possible.  Palestinians “All previous sessions of negotiations have or nor produced anything.” We are now seriously discussing our nature of our steps in the aftermath of the collapse of the negotiation.” Amireh said.

Senior Johnathan Spielman said that the question to ponder is; “After all these years, why hasn’t a solution been found yet?”