Another catastrophic event hits Seaside Heights Boardwalk

Damaging Seaside Heights fire started by faulty wire locations originally due to last year’s Super Storm Sandy


An early September fire rocked Seaside Heights, nearly a year after rebuilding from catastrophic Super Storm Sandy.

by Jewel Quigley, Staff Writer

A massive fire destroyed part of the boardwalk located in Seaside Heights where the famous television reality show Jersey Shore was filmed, caused by damaged wires caused by Super Storm Sandy.

The fire began early Thursday afternoon, September 12th, at Kohr’s Ice Cream on the Seaside Boardwalk and spread quickly. It damaged and destroyed approximately 50 businesses along the way.

The wires were damaged when they were compromised by sea water and sand during Sandy, when the two wires came in contact they created an electric spark and the wind blew spreading the blazing fire. The fire raged for nine hours as flames ravaged about five blocks of boardwalk in the two towns.