Open your houses to the German exchange students


Meeting on October 30th, the Foreign Exchange club looks for housing for the German Exchange students coming later this year.

by Juliana Brancato, Staff Writer

The Germans are coming! The Germans are coming — to Glen Rock High School.

Students from Germany have been invited by the cultural exchange club to experience what it is like to live in a ‘typical’ American student’s shoes. This is an extraordinary opportunity that our school offers. This program allows these German teenagers to get familiar with our school and peers. It also allows them to explore areas near to us, such as the renowned New York City.

When asked what he was doing to prepare for the students coming, club member Max Cahn said, “I try to think of fun activities to do with them like going to the mall and football games.”

Having these students stay in our town gives them a taste of our culture, and us a hint of theirs. While they are living here, the students bring their customs and way of life with them to America. Foreign exchange club adviser, Ms. Fluster, said, “The most interesting part of this club would have to be learning all about the different traditions these cultures have. There are similarities between us, but there are also many differences.”

The cultural exchange club meetings typically consist of figuring out events to do with the students when they come and where they will stay. Ms. Fluster is constantly looking for new homes to open up. “It is a great way to learn more about different types of people and different cultures,” said Ms. Fluster.

The meeting for the German exchange students will take place on October 30th.