Everyday, senior Janice Leibman dresses to impress


Photo Credit: Meaghan Murray

Dressing according to her own style, Janice Leibman’s dress does not fail to impress.

Janice’s fascination with fashion began at a young age, when she would steal her mom’s magazines and rip-out pictures of clothing to make her own outfits. “I have always been amazed with the unique designs and creativity shown by the designers,” Janice said in a recent interview with The Glen Echo.

Janice thinks it is incredible how an outfit can depict someone’s emotions. and that an  outfit can suddenly become unique and stand out with something as little as a pair of shoes.

Where does this fashion guru draw her inspiration from? Well, Janice does not base her outfits on trends or what is in style. She always tries to stay true to herself and to be unique. Blogs do inspire her, though she would never copy an outfit. Blogs are more important to her than anything because they give great advice and tips on how to improve one’s personal style. Nevertheless, Vogue and Vanity Fair are her favorite magazines which inspire many of her outfits.

Zach Posen, Naeena Kahn, and Valentina are her favorite designers because the designs that they create cannot be duplicated.

“When getting dressed, you need to have a great base to support your top,” suggests Janice. Patterns all depend on the colors and how you accessorize. Janice is not a ‘pattern person’ because she likes taking something simple and making it really unique. Still, black and white are her favorite colors to make outfits with because they go with everything.

Having the right trends or accessories can be the difference between walking in to a classroom and standing out.  Janice says that the students at Glen Rock, overall, have a simple look, but it is comfortable for class.  Although many students like to use statement jewelry pieces to spruce up an outfit, sometimes it can look a little overdone.

“I like to mix classic with boho. Take things like a velvet skirt and pair it with a chic blouse,” said Janice.

Although Janice’s interest in fashion began at a young age, she still loves it. When she goes off to college she says that she will want to always have fashion as part of her life. She does not want to be a designer, but Janice Leibman may be on her way to becoming an effortless stylist.