Merkel wins third term as chancellor of Germany


Winning an impressive third term, Angela Merkel remains chancellor of Germany.

by Ricardo Pereira, Staff Writer

Angela Merkel wins her third term as Germany’s chancellor, making her the third German CDU (Christian Democratic Union) chancellor to make it into a third term in office.

She won last Sunday’s parliament elections with 41.5% of the nation voting for her party.

Her party consists of two parties combined, the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) and the CSU (Christian Social Union.) They were 2 seats away from having a super majority, obtaining 311 seats from the total 630 seats.

“We can surely celebrate this evening,” she said to the large crowd who chanted “Angie, Angie.” In response, she said, “This is a super result.”

Germany’s election system is very diverse and different from any other country’s system. In order to get into the elections, a party must have more than 5% of the nation’s vote. Germany also doesn’t have an exact number of parties. You could even create your own party if you have a certain amount of money and are willing to spend time on it.

Merkel’s CDU was consistently in the lead, balloting between 40% and 42%,  a 10-year high for CDU, while the SPD, her closest competitor, dipped at one point to a historic low of 23%.

Most of Europe looked up to Merkel for the potential solution of the Euro crisis, which she has been handling quite well. There is still criticism about her denying any bailouts to struggling European nations.