Must Haves for Fall 2013


With fall quickly approaching and the nights getting chillier, we are beginning to put away our summer clothes and break out our fall wardrobe. There are so many things to choose from, and we have pin-pointed a few must haves for this season.

Fall floral dress: Instead of packing your stylish floral dresses, pair your dress with cute ankle boots and a military jacket — and don’t forget the tights (they’ll keep you a little cozier as the temperature drops). Not only does the military jacket and tights look fashionable but all together, it looks like a totally different outfit.

Dark wash jeans: Your fall wardrobe should consist of universal style pieces. A cute pair of stylish jeans is number one on that list. Because jeans are an all-body-shape appropriate item, a pair of dark wash jeans can, without a doubt, set the perfect basis for an A-list outfit repertoire. Pick a pair of your favorite dark wash jeans and pair it with stylish fall boots and a chic coat. This outfit is simple and perfect for everyone.

A silky scarf: Sometimes you need a little more protection from the chill but don’t worry, your solution is a lightweight scarf that can be worn a million different ways.

Knee-high boots: Having a pair of knee-high boots is definitely a fall shoe that is a must. These boots are universal style pieces and can be paired with a cute knit sweater, or you can pair it with a skirt. These shoes go with anything.

Knit sweater: You might have to dig in the back of your closet for this piece, but if it’s somehow gone missing, now’s the time to find a new one for layering.

Say goodbye to sweaty summer nights, and embrace what will surely be a fashionable autumn