Those Who Love the Cafeteria

Praising the cafeterias chicken patty sandwich, Dan Frissora examines its positive qualities.


Photo Credit: Dan Frissora

Deep in thought while finishing his lunch, student Khalil Williams demonstrates the versatility of a chicken patty.

You go to the cafeteria, hungry, and with only $2.00.

There are a few possibilities, but you don’t want anything big, just something easy to eat on the go. What should you buy? A chicken patty, of course, a go-to food in a crunch.

Chicken patties are a mere $2.00, and the menu gives students the option of regular or spicy flavor. Whichever your choice, they taste good with ketchup, mayonnaise, or barbecue sauce — all available in the cafeteria.

What really separates chicken patties from most of the other foods, however, is the simplicity of the sandwich.

“You always know what you’re getting with a chicken patty,” noted a GRHS student during lunch, “Just a nice breaded piece of chicken on a crisp roll. Nothing more, nothing less.”

One of the key components of the chicken patty that makes it so well-liked is the convenience of it. It comes wrapped in easily disposable foil, and it is a very portable meal. It is great for picking up in-between classes.

Some students feel ripped-off buying a poorly made meal, but that doesn’t often happen when they purchase a chicken patty. “There’s really no such thing as a bad chicken patty.” says junior Brendan Geen.

Tucker Heirakuji (11th grade) said, “I don’t know, [chicken patties are] just cheap, and not that bad.”

“We’re talking about high quality food at a low cost,” added Andrew Farfalla, also a junior.