The Voice of the Students

Our student council president discusses the anticipated Homecoming dance, as well as what it entails to be student council president.


Photo Credit: Used with Permission from Karl Weiskopf

Ready for the challenge, Karl Weiskopf is the Student Council President of the 2013-14 school year.

Karl Weiskopf, a senior at Glen Rock High School, has a job for the school that’s bigger than his hair: Student Council president for the 2013-2014 school year.

As Karl went through High School, he never knew what the job of the Student Council President entailed. Now that he is in the position, Karl is slowly learning the responsibilities of what it truly means to be the president.

“My job is to get things done, send emails, and represent our school at services,” he said. Yet that’s not all his job entails; Karl is a key member in planning what may be the most anticipated event of the school year, the homecoming dance.

The annual dance held in our cafeteria to celebrate our team’s homecoming game every October is ‘the event’ of the year that brings in a lot of money for the student council. “Highlighter Homecoming” was created by the student council two years ago and brought some of the biggest attendances to a school dance the school has seen in a while.

Accordingly, it capitalized with major financial success. Yet some are concerned that new strictures may limit the students’ expectations.

In response, Karl said, “The students should expect exactly the same as any other dance, but, as much as we want to keep it the same, the administration would like us to follow more strict rules.”

Our student council president still predicts that, even with these new rules in action, the dance will still be as enjoyable and memorable as it has always been.  With this student council and the effort they put in to the school events, it is to be expected that the dance will be the same as all the others in the past. This newly renovated dance will likely exceed expectations of many students.

After making the creative posters, campaigning for days, and revising his homecoming speech until it was perfect, Karl will represent the voice of the student body this year.  When asked how he felt to represent the school, our student council president said, “There are certain expectations people may or may not have for the school, but I think I have a pretty good idea of what the students want.”

Overall, Karl has high hopes for his grade’s student council this year, as well as the remainder of his fellow classmates who will graduate this spring.

“I would like grades below us to look up to us and say wow I looked up to them as a grade, they accomplished so much, and made up new ideas and events for our school (Cupids Cafe),” said Karl.

Keeping the ideas and wants of the whole student body in mind, Karl will go above and beyond to make this years festivities the best in school history. Karl is ready to take this year and make it a year to remember.

Our student council president is continuously working to make things great for our school but, overall, the whole school must come together to make these events phenomenal.