Take the Road Less Danced On

Physical Education teacher Mrs. Zimmerman introduces dance to the Physical Education curriculum in a unique way.


Photo Credit: Anna Lis & Sondra Nieradka

Is Mrs. Zimmerman going to raise the roof?

by Anna Lis and Sondra Nieradka

It’s not dancing. It’s moving to music.

If you are tired of the usual, monotonous physical education activities (because, let’s be real, if we have to powerwalk one more lap, we are going to lose it), then there is a new alternative.

Recently introduced at GRHS is Moving to Music. If you have Mrs. Zimmerman as a teacher in your gym period, you have the opportunity to join her in an unconventional version of the popular Video Game Just Dance.

A spin-off of the high energy game takes place in the APR. The game is made possible by an overhead projector and YouTube. From Eye of the Tiger to This is Halloween to Crazy in Love, the opportunities are endless. And don’t worry about breaking out the big moves because this gym activity employs the “what happens in P.E. stays in P.E.” policy.

If you’re not convinced yet, take this into consideration: dance has been proven to boost memory and reduce stress! Now, if you are wondering how the idea of dance for gym came about then lucky for you we have the answer.

P.E. is something that we students have been participating in since kindergarten, but when one thinks gym it’s easy to forget about the non-field sports. This is just what Mrs. Zimmerman thought when she realized that dance was missing from the school’s curriculum.

Mrs. Zimmerman called it “serendipitous”; people had the interest and she had the means. She said, “It’s a great alternative to playing competitive sports!”

We definitely agree. After participating in three classes, we were hooked (and mildly sweaty).