Digs for Diapers


Open to 6th to 9th grade girls, the free volleyball clinic will run from June 24th to the 28th and is orchestrated to donate diapers to Children’s Aid and Family Services.

by Emily Stokes, Entertainment Editor

Courtney Schmitt, a Glen Rock High School junior, is focusing her attention on her Girl Scout Gold Award; she has organized a middle school volleyball clinic in order to receive diaper donations to aid children in difficult circumstances. She has entitled her event Digs for Diapers.

“The idea for Digs for Diapers came about while thinking about my Girl Scout Gold Award,” Courtney said, “We were asked to do a leadership project on something we are passionate about and two things came to mind: Baby Basics, and Volleyball. I have volunteered at Baby Basics, an organization that supplies low income families with diapers and formula, for many years so it was a program that I wanted to continue to support.”

The clinic is offered free-of-cost to incoming 6th to 9th grade girls in hopes that all will bring a donation of diapers to the clinic. All donations will go to Children’s Aid and Family Services.

Courtney wants to make sure that younger girls get the same opportunities that she had. Since volleyball is her favorite sport, Courtney wanted to find a way for the girls to get involved and discover their own passion.

In addition to sharing her love of volleyball with the other girls, Courtney said, “I am really looking forward to working on my own leadership skills during this clinic.”

Two high school teammates, Mikaela Waller and Meghan Donohue, will be assisting Courtney in coaching during the clinic. Mr. Matt Kingsley, the High School Varsity coach, will be a guest speaker.  Mr. Toncic, the Middle School coach, will also be on hand.

The clinic will run June 24-28th and all 6-9th grade girls are welcome to come: diapers in hand.

“I am excited to take on the task and really make this project my own!” Courtney said. We can’t wait to see what the clinic has in store.