Preview: A Field for Legends (Glen Rock Baseball)


Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Max Marcilla

In the shadow of the new football field, the baseball field renovations — although taking longer than expected — are shaping up nicely.

by Max Marcilla, Sports Writer

In October, Glen Rock High School witnessed the transition to a new artificial turf football field. On April 3rd, 2013, an equally exhilarating event is going to occur: the Glen Rock High School Baseball Team will play their first home opener (in two seasons) against the Garfield Boilermakers on their own field.

And with the Panthers winning three consecutive championships, the new field is just what they need to keep them on their winning path.

Coach Sutera, the Head Coach for the Varsity Baseball Team, said, “This change affects the whole program. The new surroundings further our pride. We are very positive about this season.”

When I asked Coach Sutera about how the Panthers are preparing for not only their home opener, but the entire season, he said, “We just have to execute all the fundamentals. That comes from staying completely focused.”

The home opener will be both exciting and competitive; The Boilermakers have nearly all of their players returning this year, and our Panthers have five of their six pitchers returning. Both of these teams are extraordinarily talented, and they are prepared for a great game.

Game time to be announced.