Kendrick Lamar Raps Up SNL


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Making his mark on the rap scene, new artist Kendrick Lamar reworks some of his hits for the most recent airing of Saturday Night Live.

SNL, Kendrick Lamar

by Dean Sponholz, Business Manager

New-School Rapper Kendrick Lamar’s performance on Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live was not only unique, but it also showed-off his revolutionary style of rapping that many critics had dubbed as “false hype.” He performed both of most his popular songs, Poetic Justice and Swimming Pools, from his Gold-rated album good kid m.A.A.d. city.

Kendrick Lamar has set himself apart from other rappers with his smooth, yet elegant approach to rapping. His songs feature hybrids of slow and fast beats that are unique from traditional hip-hop. During his feature on SNL, he launched reimagined configurations of both his songs. Poetic Justice featured a Jazz-style approach which consisted of a group of brass musicians. Swimming Pools, however, was slowed and chopped giving it more of a poetry feeling.

Although Kendrick Lamar is still in the infant steps of making it huge in the hip-hop industry, he is clearly on his way. He possesses what many other artists lack: originality. Hopefully he will continue on this path, creating a totally new style of hip-hop.