Lincoln: A Must See


by Brandon Oliff, Op-Ed Writer

Lincoln was an amazing movie that tells about one of the greatest times in American history. The story goes back to the mid-19th century during the final four months of Lincoln’s presidency.  His tremendous leadership during that time got the 13th amendment passed and helped end the Civil War.   Rather than being a biography about Lincoln’s life, the movie is more of a historical analysis talking about his last few years as president and his major achievements.

To be fair, the first half hour of the movie was slow and uninteresting.   It dealt with 19th century American politics.  The pace of the movie progressively became more exciting and I knew then that I was hooked.  The movie starts with a battle during the civil war and the conflicts between the Confederacy and the Union. Lincoln has already been inaugurated to the white house and is discussing a way to end the war. He must get 20 votes in order for the 13th Amendment to be passed.

  Lincoln has already been nominated for best picture. The graphics were so great and very realistic. You can almost feel as if you were living back in the 19th century. I can’t wait until this movie comes out on DVD. I would definitely see it again. If you have not seen Lincoln, you should definitely see it (especially the history teachers in the school).