A “Fair” Share


Op-Ed writer, Frank Connor, questions the word “fair” in politics and the current federal income tax structure.

by Frank Connor, Op-Ed Writer

People today seem to be obsessed with fairness; they want people to pay their “fair share” of taxes. They say that government creates and perpetuates fairness. This raises a question, who can decide what is fair for another person? Who is the arbiter of fairness?

Americans today scream about the wealthy not paying their fair share of taxes. The President says that the rich should be asked to pay a little more. What he fails to explain to the people is what the wealthy pay now. He “forgets” to say that in America today the top one percent pays 36% of federal revenue from income tax, the top 10% pay 70% while 49% of Americans do not pay a dime in tax at all.

When the president uses the word fairness he assumes an authority over the meaning of the word. He takes it upon himself to assign the words definition and its uses. He uses this power over language to demonize hard working Americans, to press things upon people, such as a new tax code that raises marginal tax rates on Americas job creator, Obamas “rich.” This is a tax code that deprives investors of a large portion of their earnings, causing a lack of investing and a weaker economy.

It is up to the people to decide what is truly fair. The individual must decide for himself what is fair or not. The government, like the President, has no place or ability to make such a decision for the individual. It must be the job of the people to see through the fog created by this scheming entity whose intent is the absorption of wealth from those who earned it.

The arbiter of fairness is not Obama or the government. The arbiter of fairness is the Individual.